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If you are looking for a special musical experience, with clarity and distortion-free dynamics over the whole frequency range even at high sound levels, is the 95 series just right for you! The combination of homogeneous noise, high efficiency and high power handling makes the 95 series is the perfect choice. 95 series is very well suited for large and powerful home theater system, but also at two channels for music. It´s a high quality speaker with die cast aluminum baskets, combined with high-end tweeter ensures unforced power, superb live atmosphere, incredible detail and stunning sound.


A ribbon tweeter mounted in a horn provides superior transient response, a very flat frequency response and low distortion. The ribbon cone is super light and only 18 microns thin. It is a sandwich construction of rosin-aluminum-rosin that has been hardened at 320 degrees Celsius. The magnet system is a 2 row high-efficiency neodymium magnets in a moulded chassis of ceramic carbon steel. Fishbone shaped contactors in aluminium yields a low connection resistance and good heat derivation. The driver has high power durability and handles frequencies up to 40000 Hz which makes it DVD-Audio and SACD-ready. 


The High grade Polypropylene cone with electroplated titanium colour is extremely light but still very stiff and effectively reduces resonances. The rubber surrounding makes sure that no edge resonances are present. The moulded metal basket is acoustically transparent and has high precision since the basket is shaped exactly due to the moulding process. This makes sure that the basket is very stable and efficiently reduces resonances. The basket is absolutely non-magnetic, which contributes to a higher efficiency of the driver. A strong magnet combined with the light cone ensures high efficiency and a good transient response. High power handling and long excursion make sure you got enough power output. 


The cabinet is constructed with a narrow baffle - not only an ecstatically neat shape but also an advantage in terms of sonic performance since the more stable structure effectively reduces resonances in the cabinet. The cabinet is made from 18 mm MDF board, which provides good sonic qualities. The cabinet is further strengthened by internal bars, which in total ensures a very stable construction. 


We have chosen a -12 dB crossover filter with good transient response and minimum phase shifting. Only quality capacitors and low impedance coils are used. The terminal is gold plated and accepts both banana plugs and cable. The tweeter can be adjusted in 2 steps: 0 and +3dB

Room Tuning

By putting the supplied bass reflex plugs into the port, you can alter the lower boundary frequency of the XTZ 95 series. Also, the treble level might be adjusted in order to adapt the speaker to your listening room/ preference. These adjustments and settings depend on the size and shape of the room, and of course your own preferences. We strongly suggest you take your time to try out the optimum settings.

Room Tuning
Technical Specification

Dimensions: 218 x 600 x 288 mm (HxWxD) 
Weight: 12.5 kg/pc 
Frequency Range: 47 (39) - 35.0000 (35.000) Hz - Anechoic (typical room) 
Impedance: 4-8 Ohm 
Magnetically shielded: No 
Binding post: Gold-plated bi-wiring / Pole screw / Banana plug / Spade (Fork) 
Power: 250 W Short term IEC 268-5, 125 W Long term IEC 268-5