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Cinema SUB 1X12 Subwoofer - that’s true cinema!

The Subwoofer of our new cinema-series, 1X12 was only built for one task: To make you experience the world of true cinema! Therefore we had to forge some entirely new paths. 1X12 is unique on the hi-fi-market in many ways but despite its high level of materials, the 1x12 is quite affordable.

  • Advanced 12" High speed driver
  • High-end Claridy Class-D power amplifier (900W peak)
  • Big cabinet size provides high SPL even in the deepest bass
  • Trapezoid shaped cabinet
  • Long stroke driver with low distortion
  • Room-tuning for perfect adjustment of the sound
  • Slot bass reflex port

Slot bass reflex port

Slot ports have several advantages compared to normal bass reflex ports:

  • Helps to make the cabinet more stable
  • Maximizes the floor coupling
  • reduced pipe / port resonances
  • stepslot port design
Room-tuning and sound adjustments

To provide an optimal sound quality, suited to various room sizes and listener tastes, the 1X12 is equipped with a lot of possibilities to adjust the sound adequately.

Since the 1X12 has its -3 dB point at very deep 19 Hz, we decided to add a special Room Gain EQ that takes the room gain into account. Additional adjustments can be done by closing the bass reflex port with the attached plug. So the 1X12 offers perfect bass at any time. Further refinements can be made with adjustment of the two EQ’s available and of course volume, phase, crossover frequency.

Extremely inert cabinet
Extremely inert cabinet

To ensure that there are no resonances within the cabinet that affect the sound quality, a large effort was made to construct the cabinet as stable as possible. Starting with the trapezoidal shaped cabinet, the walls are constructed of 18 mm MDF and reinforced with 40 mm thick bracing, while the baffle is a stout 30 mm thick. The base adds an additional 30 mm to the cabinet bottom for a total of 48 mm to fix the cabinet to the floor and insure all of the high energy transients are reproduced faithfully. Inside, the cabinet is well treated with multiple layers of acoustical damping material. Lastly, the cabinet is elegantly finished with 8 layers of hand rubbed satin black paint to work well with any room décor.

12" High speed driver

We call the driver high speed drivers because we use a very light cone material and a very strong motor(magnet)structure and it gives very fast drivers. We spent years to find this light material and still with enough stiffness. The combination of weight and stiffness is one of the most critical factors in a driver construction. We required our subwoofer to provide very high sound pressure levels yet remain precise and true to the original music, we met this challenge by using the specially developed low-mass long throw driver. The 12” cone consists of a very strong, long fiber pulp blended material optimizing the diaphragm’s stiffness to weight ratio. Additional advantages of our custom designed driver include:

  • FEA Optimized magnetic field design incorporating a tightly focus “T” pole design
  • Advanced level of large signal motor and suspension refinement using KLIPPEL laser based test system
  • Large aluminum shorting ring to minimize inductance and further lower non-linear distortion
  • Ultra high temp aluminum voice coil with Airflow Maximizer Design
  • Special NBR rubber surround with maximum linearity throughout its excursion range
  • Spider fabricated from unique blend of poly-cotton and pure NOMEX Long stroke driver

The extremely high quality of all components in the Cinema Series is continued with the extraordinary bass driver that is used in the 1X12. To perform the ultra long strokes with a maximum of linearity, we developed a special NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) surround.

High speed drivers, Powerful and deep base need big boxes !

We choose fast and light drivers to give both high speed and maximum dynamic sound.

The requirements of the drivers means that to achieve the highest SPL even down to the lowest frequencies the boxes need to be big. This is just pure physics.

An optimized volume for the driver gives the perfect air resistance to the driver. This leads to the highest SPL in low frequencies with maximum head room from the amp.

Too small or too big boxes leads to over damped or underdamped boxes that increase the distortion. A box with an optimal volume has low distortion and the widest frequency response possible and it means the subwoofer reaches the lowest and deepest bass with a sound that is still clean and has a lot of headroom for the amplification.

Claridy Class-D Amplifier
Claridy Class-D Amplifier

This completely new amplifier, specifically developed for this subwoofer, has an extraordinary high power output of 500 W RMS and almost 2 times that in peak wattage output whenever it is needed. In contrast to many other class-D amplifiers, the Claridy amp has a near ideal clipping characteristics which ensures maximum headroom capability by minimizing the use of limiting circuitry. Never before experienced amount of details and maximum performance are the result of years of design refinement.

Technical Specification

Type: Single 12” Bass Reflex Slot Port / Sealed
HybridAmplifier: Claridy Class D monoblock
Power: 500 W RMS 900 W Peak Frequency responseAnechoic EQ: 19 - 160Hz Ported / 24 - 160Hz
ClosedRoom Gain EQ: 30 - 160Hz Ported / 36 - 160Hz
ClosedEQ: 2 position - Anechoic, Room Gain
Cover: variable 40-160Hz, Bypass , Auto subsonic
Level: Fixed Ref Level, variable gain
Input: XLR, (2)RCA
Output: XLR pass-thruPhase: Variable 0-180
Color: Non reflective Matte black 8 layers paint
Size: H 450 x W 510 x D 475 mm 17.7 x 20.0 x 18.7"
Weight : 29 kg / 63.9 lbs

Other possibilities
SUB 1X12 can be stacked on top of each other as a line array system.