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Are the drivers genuine Peerless units?

Of course we only use genuine Peerless units. If you are in doubt, please feel free to contact Tymphany to confirm.

Are the drivers genuine SEAS units?

Of course, we only use genuine SEAS units. If you are in doubt, please feel free to contact SEAS in Norway to confirm. To Seas webiste

In our top models we use SEAS Excel drivers, normally only found in considerably more expensive High End speakers. 

Are XTZ planing to do an AV-Amplifier in the future?

No, its not possible to try to compete with the big brands in this area. This is a "jungle" of standards, inputs, formats etc that is impossible to catch up.

If you want AV and good sound you can combine a price worthy AV receiver with our Class-A100 D3 or new power amp AP-100 (the AV receiver must have pre outputs) to use to drive the front system, then you "cost-optimize" your system perfectly because you only need very high quality in a front system, for center and surround sound even a cheap AV receiver is good enough.

This way you have both a good AV sound + a good two channel sound to a much lower price than if you bought a AV receiver that have similar sound quality in 2 channel listening like Class-A100 D3.

Are your speakers a heavy load to the amplifier?

Our speakers show very amplifier friendly impedance (load conditions as we have put lots of effort into developing the crossover filters and parameters. For example, the impedance never dips below the specified 4 ohms, something that is very common with lots of other speakers on the market. This enables you to use any amplifier you wish as long as it is rated for 4 ohm loads. It´s correct that some of our speaker have a lower sensitivity than some other models. Read more about this in the answer above. 

Are your subwoofers more sensitive to placement?

No, not more than any other bass. It´s the room that determines how sensitive a subwoofer will be to different placements. The room is part of your system, and it´s influence on the sound reproduction is often heavily underestimated. If you experience big differencies when moving around the subwoofer it proves that the room affects the sound and presents severe resonances at different frequencies and positions. Also, in a perfect room placement will not make any difference

Can I combine the use of Class A100 D3 as an integrated amplifier in my two channel stereo setup with the use as a power amplifier in the home theater setup?

This can be solved in two ways if your AV-receiver/pre-amp/processor has a pre out option for your front loudspeakers.

The first option is to connect an unbalanced audio cable from front pre out on your AV-receiver to an audio in input (for example the AUX input) on the Class A100 D3. When you do a room calibration with your AV-receiver/pre-amp/processor just keep it on a fixed volume and remember it. Every time you use the home theater setup you choose the same input and the volume as when you did the calibration. 

The second option is to remove the jumpers between PRE OUT and AMP IN on the Class A100 D3 integrated amplifier. Use a Y-splitter to be able to connect two pair of unbalanced audio cables to the AMP IN input. One to replace the jumpers between PRE OUT and AMP IN and one between front pre out on your AV-receiver/pre-amp/processor and AMP IN on the Class A100 D3. Remember to do a new automatic room calibration measurement with your AV-receiver/pre-amp/processor if you have that option. Else you need to do it manually.

Connect your two channel sources to audio/digital in on the Class A100 D3 as you will use it as a pre amplifier.

These options can of course be used in combination with the other options explained for bi-amping of your loudspeakers and bridged mode for the power amplifier Class AP100.  

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Can you comment on the fact that Cinema Series share similarities in construction with other available brands?

The similarities of the tweeter array to other constructions and brands is because the audio company that developed this tweeter array has made it open to any audio company that wishes to use it. This is no different than an audio company purchasing drivers from Accuton, or Seas, or Peerless, etc.  

The new Cinema Series was designed together with this expert engineering company in the United States that has been developing high fidelity products for many major high end audio brands behind the scene for more than 20 years. The woofers and tweeters in the Cinema Series are specifically custom engineered for Cinema Series while considering all the parameters of the cabinet design and intended end results. This is where off the shelf drivers can fall short then compromises in engineering must be accepted. In the case of Cinema the woofers were designed specifically for CINEMA and the tweeters are the next generation as this company continues to improve upon what was they produce. The Tweeter Array comes from 3 years of development to build a high output tweeter system with low distortion and low resonance to meet the goal of extreme clarity and no compromise. In addition to the world-class engineering efforts we also get an ultra-tight quality control and final inspection system to insure consistent and reliable performance. Our confidence about Cinema Series offering the best-in-class performance and quality comes from the engineering company’s experience from design to manufacturing.

Can you explain in a simple way about the technology behind the Cinema Series

Yes, please send us an email.

Does your speakers spread the sound a lot?

Sound radiation patterns are very frequency dependant. Low frequencies are spread almost 360 degrees, while higher frequencies are much more directed. Our models that use a ribbon tweeter will for example direct sound in a wide horisontal angle, but the vertical radiation is limited. This is an advantage as the energy amount emitted towards the ceiling and floor is reduced. In return, the reflections are also reduced and we get less phase errors from the room. Read more in our Sound Philosophy.

Does your subwoofers work for music and movies?

Yes, they do. We think a good subwoofer should be able to reproduce both music and movie sound. Basically there is no difference reproducing music or cinema sound. The subwoofers task is to play whatever info that´s present in the input signal. If the subwoofer is good it will do this in a natural and accurate way without adding distorsion. Read more in our Sound Philosophy.

General tips when listening

Prior to doing an A/B test between let´s say two speakers, it´s very important to set the same listening volume for both speakers. Otherwise, most people tend to prefer the speaker playing the loudest. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the human ear severly changes it´s character as a function of sound pressure. It can be very hard to separate quality from quantity in this matter, and to ensure a fair and accurate comparison the listening level is very important.The reason that one pair of speakers may sound louder that another pair can be several:

1. The impedance can vary between different speaker makes and models, i e the speaker having a lower impedance draws more current from the amplifier from a given output voltage resulting in a larger average power.

2. The sensitivity can be higher or lower even if the load impedance is the same. This means that a given input power will result in different sound pressure levels.

There is nothing that suggests that a speaker with higher sensitivity would be better. Usually it´s the other way around, and the sensitivity/performance ratio is normally found to be in a opposite relation. The best speakers on the market almost always have a limited sensitivity.

Does the player work with copies of the XTZ Earphones?

No, you need to make sure that you use original XTZ Earphones that have been manufactured and quality controlled by XTZ. Copied earphones will have different attributes so the quality of the sound optimization will not be as good.

How do I add more power to my loudspeakers if I use an AV-receiver/pre-amp/processor?

It is possible to use our power amplifier Class AP100 if your AV-receiver/pre-amp/processor has a pre out option for your front loudspeakers.

Follow the schematics below and connect one pair of unbalanced audio cables (or balanced if you have that option) between front pre out on your AV-receiver/pre-amp/processor to our power amplifier Class AP100. Make the switch on our Class AP100 is set to the correct mode, unbalaced or balanced. Move the loudspeaker cables for the fronts to the power amplifier. Remember to do a new automatic room calibration measurement with your AV-receiver/pre-amp/processor if you have that option. Else you need to do it manually.

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If you got really demanding loudspeakers it is possible to use one power amplifier for each loudspeaker and set the power amplifier in bridged mode. This will give you twice the power in Class AB mode, you get more dynamic headroom to be used for example in fast transients when a bass drum hits and calls for extra peak power. The Class A mode is limited by the quiescent current through the output transistors. This current does not increase if you bridge the channels and the Class A power will stay the same. Make sure to set the switch in bridge mode and use the indicated binding posts on the power amplifier.

How do I know XTZ speakers will suit me?

We optimize our speaker for a neutral reproduction character. The principle is to produce a non colored sound, as pure and precise as possible. If you don´t prefer this kind of sound our speakers are equipped with several tuning options to let you tweak the sound according to your preference, and also very important the room. This way, our speakers offer greater possibilities to achieve the sound you want compared to many other brands. If you are still not satisfied, there is always our Buy & try concept where you get three weeks of "home demo" with the option to return the speakers for a full refund.  Read more in our Sound Philosophy

How do it get the XTZ Player for iOs to work?

Download it from the appstore on your devic

Link to appstor.

How does XTZ Player work?

It simply works like any music player that uses the iTunes library. In the full version, you can import and create playlists, quickly access any song in alphabetical order, arrange them by Album, Song, or Artist, and obviously Play, Pause, Skip, repeat and shuffle. It is also easy to toggle Dirac HD Sound ON/OFF to hear the difference that the patented optimization technology makes to your music experience.

Some songs do not play. Why?

There can be a couple of reasons:

• When playing songs from iCloud (or iTunes Match), there can be glitches. Dirac HD Player cannot play the song while it is downloading. Please download the song completely to your local iTunes library before attempting to play it in XTZ Player.

• Some content (songs or audio books) is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) and cannot be accessed by third party software such as the XTZ Player app.

•  There can also be an issue with some content that will not play due to unsupported coding.

In either case, XTZ Player will try to open the song once and mark it as unplayable ("grayed out") if it fails. Once XTZ Player has been updated to a later version on your device, it will try to open any song again.

Tip: Some songs that were not playing under iOS 5.1 became playable after upgrading to iOS 6, so consider this if you did not take that step yet!

I can't see my music lists in XTZ Player

Don't worry. This can happen occasionally but nothing has been lost. To solve this, first try to restart XTZ Player. If this does not work then try to restart your iPhone and your lists will be there again. This is a known bug and we are working on solving it.

Is it possible to bi-amp my loudspeakers with your products?

Yes, with the combination of our Class A100 D3 integrated amplifier and our power amplifier AP100 it possible to bi-amp your loudspeakers. Below is a schematic on how to connect. Remove the jumpers between PRE OUT and AMP IN on the Class A100 D3 amplifier. Use a Y-splitter to be able to connect two pair of unbalanced audio cables from the PRE OUT output. One to replace the jumpers between PRE OUT and AMP IN and one between PRE OUT and UNBALANCED on the Class AP100 power amplifier. Make sure that the switch is set to unbalanced mode on the Class AP100 power amplifier. Remember to remove the jumpers between the binding posts on the loudspeaker, this is important. Connect one pair of loudspeaker cables between the Class A100 D3 and the binding posts at the top for the midrange and high frequencies. Then one pair of loudspeaker cables between the Class AP100 and the binding posts at the bottom for the low frequencies.

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If you got really demanding loudspeakers it is possible to use one power amplifier for each loudspeaker and set the power amplifier in bridged mode. This will give you twice the power in Class AB mode, you get more dynamic headroom to be used for example in fast transients when a bass drum hits and calls for extra peak power. The Class A mode is limited by the quiescent current through the output transistors. This current does not increase if you bridge the channels and the Class A power will stay the same. Make sure to set the switch in bridge mode and use the indicated binding posts on the power amplifier.

Is it possible to make the XTZ plater app compatible with the whole iPhone sound system?

It is not technically possible on the current iOS platform.

IsnĀ“t a center speaker supposed to have two midrange/bass drivers?

We have several models with one midrange driver and one tweeter instead of the more common concept using one tweeter and two midrange drivers. Just like all speakers, this is a compromise and both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Many people think that a center speaker is some sort of special speaker, but it´s not. A common speaker will in principal work very well as a center.  Read more in our Sound Philosophy.

Should I buy a 10" or 12" subwoofer

This depends on how big the room is, what acoustic properties it has got and what bass character you would prefer. The best way is to measure the room using the Room Analyzer, but as a general rule of thumb you can say that the bigger the room is, the bigger subwoofer is needed.

The Cinema Series Sub 3x12 seems lightweight for a large subwoofer with three 12" drivers. Will it withstand all the power from the drivers?

Weighing in at 170lbs (77kg), the SUB3x12 is no lightweight. That being said, consider that the construction of a subwoofer’s enclosure should be designed to be rigid in order for the driver/cabinet combination to best transfer mechanical energy into acoustical energy (SPL). Cabinet vibration results in sonic degradation. The Sub3x12 construction is extremely well made with a sturdy and solid cabinet. The mass alone is not the single most important attribute. The cabinet has a very thick MDF base and front baffle (55mm) where the drivers are mounted. The baffle is then coupled to the sides and back using internal bracing. The top and bottom employ bracing as well. This combination of mass and bracing intelligently increases cabinet rigidity while still maintaining a “reasonable” mass. The proof is in the music - deep, accurate, low distortion subwoofer capable of recreating the detail and “slam” of drum, while being able to play at world class SPL’s, well in excess of THX Ultra II standard. There are few subwoofers capable of this combination of accuracy and SPL. And for the price - we feel there is no better subwoofer!

Tonal matching - is it important?

Tonal matching is an advantage, but not essential in most cases. Normally we recommend using the same or at least similar speakers for a front setup and center. The rear channels only reproduce a smaller part of the information - ambience and effects, and the need to match these tonally is limited.

What character does XTZ speakers have?

We choose to optimize our speaker for a neutral reproduction. According to our philosophy the only useful reference is a reproduction completely without sound coloration. We aim for a flat frequency response and abscence of phase errors. Read more in our Sound Philosophy

What DAC does the Class A100 D3 use?

The DAC comes from Analog Devices and is a AD1955. It´s a very highly specified DA converter with external I/V conversion for maximum performance. In early models of the Class A100 DII AD1853 can be found, but as this was eventually discontinued we decided to change to AD1955, that can be found in for example Benchmark DAC1 & Nagra DAC.

What is Buy & Try and how does it work?

As the first brand, we offer Buy & Try to prove that we only want satisfied customers. Buy & Try means you can buy and test listen the products for three weeks at home, and if you are not satisfied then you can return the product for a full refund. The products have to be returned in mint condition in their original packaging. The return has to be authorised by us in advance, and we will help you find the best shipping qoutes using our contacts and agreements with courier companies. The shipping fee you pay is of course as low as the net price we get. Please remember, always save the original packaging! Buy&Try 

What is the advantage of using 4 tweeters for your Cinema Series M6 speaker?

Combining 4 tweeters (Quad array) has some very distinct advantages:

1) Increased surface area and corresponding sensitivity increase; 12dB increase for the same voltage input

2) Power handling increase - we are now sharing the power across 4 voice coils

3) Dramatically reduced thermal compression (loss of SPL due to voice coil heating effects)

4) Reduced distortion - because now each dome is required to work less to produce the same SPL, the distortion components are minimized.



SPL, Distortion and sweet sound: These 4 key advantages allow us to push the crossover frequency down to 1.2kHz, about 1-2 octaves lower than the safe limit of single dome designs. The quad tweeter array effectively works a point source near the crossover frequency, than at higher frequencies (smaller wavelengths) the crossover directs the energy to only one dome. This is what truly sets the M6 apart. The extremely critical mids are now handled by the domes, rather than the upper end of the woofer where cone breakup and directivity are real concerns. This allows the M6 to better reproduce the delicate nuances of music, yet gracefully achieve SPL’s required for cinema - M6 meets or exceeds THX Ultra II requirements (their top certification class). Midrange is clear, precise and undistorted, while treble remains silky smooth.…. This, all from a very moderately sized cabinet making the M6 a truly unique product. Even consider that very few speakers can achieve this, cost-no-object speakers included!

Precise imaging, listening position and versatility: Another real benefit of the quad tweeter array is the controlled polar response, both horizontal and vertical. Horizontal dispersion has been optimized to create a smooth response over a wide listening area. But we didn’t stop there - The unique quad array and tuned crossover work in tandem to reduce the effects of early reflections (15-30° towards the sidewall). The benefit is clear - sharper imaging and consistently excellent results for a wide range of listening rooms. Vertical response is also very smooth over a wider area. Typically, MTM designs with single dome solution suffer from lobing effects (severe peaks and dips) due to the higher crossover frequency and driver spacing. Now, with the crossover pushed down to 1.2kHz the effect is minimized in the critical +/-15° vertical window. This becomes even more important when the M6 is positioned horizontally and used as a center channel.

Below is an example illustrating the result of lobing effects (severe peaks and dips). Here is the M6 speaker compared to a normal MTM construction with a single tweeter used as a center speaker at listening angles 0° and 30°. This clearly shows a more flat frequency response at wider listening angles for the M6 speaker and the benefits of using a quad tweeter array.

Image title

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What is XTZ Player?

XTZ Player is a music player for iPhone and iPod Touch that optimizes the sound for the original Apple Earphones and EarPods. See it as a way to significantly improve the experienced sound quality without having to buy more expensive headphones.

What platforms does XTZ Player work on?

XTZ Player works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S,  iPhone 4, and iPod Touch (4th generation or later) with iOS 5.1 or later. In version 1.1, it has been updated to also make full use of the 1136 x 640  screen resolution (iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th gen).

When comparing, I hear a difference between the bypass mode in XTZ Player and the iPhone's built in Music Player.

You are likely to have activated the built in music player's EQ function. Go to Settings -> Music and make sure that the EQ is turned off. Now there will be no difference between XTZ Player (with disabled optimization) and the iPhone's built in music player. The difference will show when you switch XTZ HD Sound to ON in XTZ Player.

Where can I buy your products?

In Sweden you can buy our products at , Europe our XTZ Store and USA in USA XTZ Store.

Where can I listen to XTZ products?

When listening to HiFi products it takes a lot of time even for a well experienced person to make a fair evaluation of quality. The absolutely best way is to test in your own home (a listening room in a shop never sounds the same as your own listening room). For this reason we offer Buy & Try with a full refund policy if you are not satisfied (the speakers have to be in mint condition upon arrival to us) within three weeks.

Who needs the Room Analyzer?

Room Analyzer is a measuring tool to check speakers, room and the combination of speakers and room. It might be considered unnecessary for a "regular" consumer to use this products, but the room and the speakers determine about 95% of the end result. Improving the room and speakers is a sure way to better sound. For example, finding the right placement for the speakers can easily yield much larger sonic gains than buying expensive cables and electronics. Read more.

Why can't I change the earphone model in XTZ player Settings

A small bug that will be fixed soon requires you to have some music playing in the XTZ Player for your changed setting to take effect. You can always see for which earphone model the sound is being optimized in the Dirac panel (press the Dirac-button in the lower right of the player to show/hide the Dirac panel).

Why does XTZ Player sound better than other players?

Because it applies specially customized processing that optimizes the sound from the original Apple Earphones and EarPods. The original Apple Earphones and EarPods have been carefully measured in the Dirac lab and a high-resolution digital controller has been tuned to perfect the acoustical properties of each of these particular earphones. This is not a generic sound effect. The digital controller is integrated into Dirac HD Player to constantly process all music that is played while Dirac HD Sound is ON. Just make sure to select the correct setting depending on which earphone model you are using.

Why does my subwoofer hum?

The absolutely most common reason for this is a "ground loop". This can usually be tracked down to a purely shielded signal cable, or a cable that has to much resistance in the ground path. If you experience humming, try replacing the low level cable with a better one, preferrably as short as possible. Hum can also occur when you connect a TV box to your amplifier. This is due to different ground potentials, and can often be corrected by feeding all components from the same wall outlet. Try disconnecting everything from the amplifier except the subwoofer. If it still hums, contact our technical support. Contact 

Why does some subwoofers not reach 20 Hz?

A subwoofer reaching below 20 Hz usually creates a lot of problems in a regular room. Of course, it will work perfectly in a anechoic room that does not affect the signal in any way, but how many of us have such a room at home? We have chosen to adapt our subwoofers for more normal circumstances, and this means that the room introduces a rising gain with falling frequency. We have conducted extensive measurements and research that you can read about in this article. Read more in our Sound Philosophy.

Why doesn't XTZ Player sound better for me?

This is probably due to one of the following reasons:

• You have chosen the wrong controller setting. Please go to Settings -> Dirac/Dirac Lite and make sure that the selected controller matches your earphones. Please note that this has to be done while playing music and the changes will take effect once you return to the player.

• Your earphones are not supported. XTZ Player currently only works with the XTZ Earphones. Also, the earphones have to be original and not copies since they have different acoustic properties.

Does XTZ Player work with Spotify or similar players?

Because they are different apps and XTZ Player can't access the sound from other apps for the moment - only from the iTunes library. But we're working on it.

Why DSP in a subwoofer?

DSP technology is the most cost efficient way to handle different room problems. The ideal would of course be reconstruction the entire room for perfect acoustic properties. This is expensive and time consuming. DSP can solve many of the most common problems relatively cheap and fast. Besides, the most devastating issues can be adressed very effectively to gain performance.

Why is the sensitivity lower on some of your models?

Sensitivity and quality are often found to be in an opposite relation. The very best speakers on the market almost always show a limited sensitivity. This is the price that has to be paid for improved linearity and lower distorsion. In everyday life a 2 dB reduced sensitivity means that the amplifier volume needs to be increased by 2 dB to compensate. Read more in our Sound Philosophy.

Why is the volume reduced on Dirac HD Sound?

As a result of the XTZ HD Sound processing, which among oher things corrects for distortion in the frequency domain, sound level is reduced or boosted at certain frequencies. This difference is more obvious in some sorts of music than in other. On the other hand, you should sense more presence in the overall musical performance and the available volume should be more than enough for safe listening.

Why is XTZ Player only for XTZ Earphones/ Headphones?

To keep it simple for iPhone/iPod Touch users and to provide an alternative to buying more expensive earphones/headphones.

Why does the XTZ Player only playback from the iTunes library?

iTunes has a large user base and we like to keep things simple for the best user experience. Please let us know if you want support for a particular format!

Work XTZ Room Analyzer Software on MAC?

Currently our software ain't optimized to work on mac.But there is two ways to solve the problem and get the room analyzer work with a MAC.
1. Bootcamp =intstall windows and reboot the computer to start windows
2. Emutation program like Parallels or VirtaulBox WM.

XTZ Room-Analyzer Software - How do I solve "Found no valid hardware"?

Make sure the ID string is correct and is found by the computer in the device manager. Should be specified as "XTZAUDIO2P", see picture below.

Image title

If the device manager specifies "USB Advanced Audio Device" then the ID string can be missing. This might be an error or if you have bought Microphone Pro which misses the correct ID string and is only made for use with other softwares.

This may also be due to Windows lacks a DLL, a solution is to be connected to the internet and then simply remove the "USB Audio Device" in the device manager, and press F5, then hopefully Windows goes on the internet and retrieves the correct driver. Otherwise, you run a disk check, and then run the same procedure again. Another thing, sometimes Windows will ask whether to download driver on the web and then you should answer yes to search the internet. We also recommend to do a cleaning of the computer, for example with CCCleaner.

Here is great guide for how to re-install the drivers.Please start with option 1, then 2 and finally 3.Make sure you has the latest software version, version 2.34, and it's the only installation you have active.

If you have had a previous version before, please remove the program folder completely manually before installing the latest version. Using the uninstall function is not enough. Download the latest version here.

If the ID-string seems to be correct (XTZAUDIO2P) and still the software does not find the hardware. Please request a sound card analyzing software from us for scanning the sound cards on the computer. Sometimes there is a space to much which make it not work. Run the sound card analyzing software, take a print screen of the result and send as a picture to us for analyzing

XTZ Room-Analyzer Software - How do you explain "Level is below reference level" error?

If the error message "Level is below reference level" pops up when running sweeps in Room Analyzer or Full Range, but works in RTA mode.

Then there is some error with the reference channel in the sound card (used in sweeps) and the sound card box has to be replaced. Please contact us in such matter to arrange a replacement unit for the sound card.

XTZ Room-Analyzer Software - My software is not starting?

Run as Administrator:- First thing you should test is to run the software as Administrator.

1. Rightclick on XTZ Software
2. Press run as administrator
3. The program will now start as Administrator and should run fine.

XTZ Room-Analyzer Software - I get large variations at 16 kHz in RTA mode and for RT60 in Full range mode. Do you have an explanation?

Set the sample rate set to 24 bit, 48 kHz Studio quality for both recording and playback device. The it should be ok.

1. Right-click on the speaker symbol down to the right.
2. Choose "Playback devices"
3. Double-click on the XTZ Audio 2 Pro speakers in the listing.
4. Go to advanced tab and change "Default Format" to "24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)" and press "OK".
5. In the Sound window now go to the Rec

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