99.36OBS!!: Pris per högtalare

XTZ Berylliumkit för 99-serien innehåller Seas bästa diskant i Beryllium och ett filter med high-end Mundorf-komponenter.

 Diskant info: SEAS T29B001

Komponent info: Mundorf SUPREMEⓇ

Guide: Installation Manual

Här är ett antal utlåtande kunder har lämnat på olika forum efter uppgraderingen.

"An upgrade kit with a price higher than the speakers does undoubtedly creates some expectations, but XTZ delivers (as usual ...), this is really good!" "…the sound goes from 2D to 3D, all of a sudden there's a room behind the speakers where the instruments are accurately placed." – kpax, minhembio.com

“The overall sound is wider, it seems to come "out" of the speaker better. By direct comparison, the MKII sounds like it has a blanket over it.” “Is it worth the money? Yes! I am very happy with the upgrade so far.” –rickardl, avforums.com

“When it dawned on me how much I had paid for the upgrade I was starting to get a bit worried that maybe the cost over the upgrade would not be worth it, however having just watched my first film with them I am totally blown away.”  – zunglam, avforums.com