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 “The performance from most competitors seems like a gentle breeze in comparison at best.” 

- Carsten Rampacher, AREA DVD -

Cinema Series - Home Cinema Choice (UK)

maj 18 - 2016

"You can probably tell I'm in love with this system. If you think I've got carried away, I can only suggest you have a listen yourself. At this price, few speakers emulate the feeling of sonic immersion quite like the XTZ. The additional Atmosphere speakers make the array a good match for modern setup. 5.1 fans shouldn't ignore the core models either." "We say: A superior-sounding movie-mad speaker system offering seriious value for money. Plenty of installation flexibility and solid construction. Not the prettiest of cabinets."
- Danny Phillips

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Cinema Series - Sound & Vision (USA)

maj 03 - 2016

"While I’ve saved it for the end, I did notice that the XTZ setup is, at nearly $5,500, expensive. XTZ sells direct to consumer, though, and with a generous home-trial period, free return shipping, and the Cinema series’ quality of componentry, construction, and performance, there’s value here nonetheless. Cost aside, XTZ’s Cinema is a very impressive home theater setup. I can’t see recommending it for a music-first layout, but I doubt that most such system- builders would be interested anyway—though this Swedish layout is still a very able music reproducer. For a serious projection room install based on an acoustically transparent screen, a genre that tends to be fairly price-insensitive anyway, I think this system is just about ideal."

- Daniel Kumin

+ Very dynamically capable, with high power handling, high output
+ Solidly integrated front stage 
+ Impressive subwoofer output and extension
+ Flexible “tripole” surround speakers
- Slightly forward tonal balance (but perfect for behind-screen placement)
- Pricey

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Cinema Series - Home Theater Shack (USA)

september 30 - 2015

"Never once did I hear the SUB3X12 make an untoward noise, no port chuffing, no complaints from the drivers, no audible distortion, no abnormal sounds."    "As capable as the SUB3X12 proved to be the speakers actually stole the show, and boy did they ever play their part beautifully."    "This is a different level of detail here folks."    "So revealing - and flat out pleasant sounding - was this system that I spent far more time enjoying music than I did anything else. It's a rare treat for me to hear sound reproduced at this level..."    "The XTZ Cinema Series is a sonic tour de force, a complete system that encourages you to dig deep into your movie and music collection to unearth hidden gems long since forgotten. Why? Because now you will want to experience everything in your library all over again."    "The SUB3X12 is a beast and can certainly hold its own, but for me the real stars of this show were the speakers."    "I honestly can't think of a single legitimate complaint about the M6 mains or S5 surrounds, and with how picky I am that's saying quite a lot."    "If you want a system that will simultaneously get your friends tongues wagging and their jaws dropping then XTZ Sound has something you need to hear…"

- Jim Wilson, Home Theater Shack

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Cinema Series - Widescreen Review (USA)

juli 26 - 2015

"The best thing the XTZ loudspeakers do is to disappear and never remind you that youare listening to loudspeakers. You’ll find music and movies both havea natural sound with an ease of presentation that makes the presentation live in your room. The satisfying XTZ presentation characteristics will be perennial reminders that you chose well." 

- Doug Blackburn, Home Cinema Review

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Cinema series - WHAT HI-FI? (Indonesia)

juni 16 - 2015

"Editors Choice - Award"    "Very evocative sound intelligence of this system wrapped with slick design integration which is well proven in delivering several different sonic aspects, Its the reason why we are in urge to review it immediately." 


Cinema Series - hifitest.de (Germany)

maj 01 - 2015

Score: 5/5 "The XTZ multichannel system convinced by its unusual design, excellent workmanship and, most importantly, - excellent sound in a home cinema environment. The asked selling price is extremely fair, which is why we want to give our Preistipp logo." 

- Jochen Schmitt, hifitest.de

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Cinema Series - HEIMKINO (Germany)

april 02 - 2015

Score: 10.5/12     "As soon as the XTZ-Setup starts there's not a dry eye left in the house." 

- Jochen Schmitt, Heimkino

Cinema Series - AREA DVD (Germany)

mars 16 - 2015

"Phenomenal - Award"  "Strong performance from Sweden! The XTZ Cinema 5.1 set can be noticed very positively in the home theater operation. Closed soundscape, lively effects, high SPL and tremendously strong bass performance by the world-class active subwoofer are offered. In music mode, the services are very respectable,  the total harmony could only be a little bit higher. The high-quality finish and the and sophisticated technology are highly commendable. For the offered price is fair, no doubt." 

- Carsten Rampacher, AreaDVD

+ Closed, densely atmospheric sound thanks dipoles
+ Very high SPL
+ Extremely powerful active subwoofer with no weaknesses
+ Uniform, clean staggered front soundscape
+ Subwoofer with two EQ modes for appropriate adaptation to space
+ Very good separation of all sound elements from the speakers
+ Fair price
- In music the overall harmony could be a little bit higher
- Optik not for everyone

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Cinema Series - AVForums (UK)

mars 15 - 2015

"Highly Recommended - Award"     "Overall when assessing the sound quality and how well these XTZ Cinema Series speakers work together I am struggling to think of any negatives at all. The sheer soundscape they are capable of producing and the way they are so well matched to create a cohesive soundstage, that just melts away and does so on a few levels, makes you wonder why you would want the new 3D sound formats. There are a few occasions when you just hear a well put together speaker and sound system and things makes sense and you are transported away without noticing. That is what the XTZ’s were capable of doing for me in my system and it was the cohesive nature of the performance that nailed it for me. They go loud, they are dynamic and they can get in your face when required. " 

- Phil Hinton, AVForums

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Cinema Series - Trusted Reviews (UK)

november 24 - 2014

Score: 10/10     "Recommended - Award"    ”XTZ’s gobsmacking 5.1 speaker system is packed with innovation, is beautifully engineered and sounds fantastic – and best of all it costs much less than you’d normally pay for a system of this calibre." 

- Danny Phillips, Trusted Reviews

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Cinema Series - Ljud och Bild (Sweden)

september 19 - 2014

Score: 6/6    "Speaker system of the year - award" 

"This speaker system is a winner. It offers first class sound quality and dynamics in a price range where we thought it was impossible to get this far. It's simply awesome. The largest subwoofer is incredibly powerful - and that's an understatement..." 

- Sven Bilén, Ljud & Bild

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Cinema Series - Audioholics (USA)

september 08 - 2014

Score: 4.5/5    "...we certainly recommend that you take a closer look at the current XTZ Cinema Series offerings for dynamic performance in a modestly-sized package." 

- Marshall Guthrie, Audioholics

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Cinema Series - SuperAV (China)

juni 25 - 2014

"I really enjoyed the sound penetration and impacting brought by Cinema series." 

- Jiajie Luo, SuperAV

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My system is composed with 3x M6, 4xS5, and two sub 3x12 in dedicated cinema room! The 3xM6 are situated behind the acusticaly transparent screen. Whole set is calirated with Dirac system. The sound is just a-ma-zing! Very neutral and detailed sound, which never makes you tired. Even in stereo mode the speakres sound very good. Base fill completely and even the whole room and is deep and punchy? Highly recommended speakers for cinema and even stero systems!
My system is composed with 3x M6, 4xS5, 2x S2 and the sub 10.17 ! The sound is just a-ma-zing! He fill completely the whole room with deep and punchy bass and highly detailed sound! Frankly ? Highly recommended speakers!
My front speakers are 3 M6's LCR surround sound speakers 4 S5's and 1 SUB 12.17 Subwoofer all I can say is WOW! the sound of the XTZ Cinema Series is outstanding when watching a film with the family or listening to music i highly recommend these speakers the best purchase ever made
It took me quite a long time and lots of testing before I decided whhich speakers my new home cinema shall be equipped with. Finally I decided for XTZ's cinema series (3 x M6, 2 x S5, 2 x 1X12, 4 x S2). For me this is a perfect blend of price / performance and compromise in film and music. The M6 provide a great front with absolutely clear and clean voices. One cannot hear where the speakers are standing since they create a really good soundstage. The surround is done by the S5 which really do a great job in creating the feeling that you are part of the movie. One really feels completely surrounded. I use them in the Dipole 3X mode. It's a bit sad that there is only so few native 3D sound sources out there. The S2 do a great job, even when the sound is only upscaled but I guess they can do much more than they have to do right now. With the 2 1X12, the bass is really accurate and precise. They play really deep and can play very loud if necessary. That is pure fun :D. Thanks to you guys for that great system!
Good sound quality for the size, but you should not expect too much from the bass. The M6 can of course not play very deep. Anyway, I think no one will use the M6 without a subwoofer. 5 stars from me!
I have the Cinema M6 in operation in a surround setup including S5 and 1X12 since one year and have to say that I never heard a better home cinema setup than mine. The M6 is able to play extremely clear but still never annoying. I compared the M6 to the B&W CM8 in home cinema operation and the B&W did not have any chance concerning the dynamics and details. It's hard to believe that such a small speaker can play with such a power but the M6 really convinced me.
My expectations from reading several reviews were pretty high, but I have to say that this is a very good product: Bluetooth pairing to my Android phone and tablet was easy, and delivers incredible sound! I use the Dirac DSP when listening on my PC, and this makes them sound even better. Pros: Crisp and clear neutral sound, design, build quaility and wearing comfort. Cons: The buttons are a little hard to press. I absolutely recommend this headphone!
Har CINEMA serien i 5:2. 2 st 1x12 i ett rum som är knappt 10 kvm, och är mer än nöjd med systemet kommer att utökas med Atmos under vintern.
Hypersnabba och detaljerad. Precis som namnet antyder så är dessa perfekta för filmtittande.
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