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"At this price, few speakers emulate the feeling of sonic immersion quite like the XTZ. The additional Atmosphere speakers make the array a good match for modern setup."
- Danny Phillips, Home Cinema Choice - 

Cinema Series - Home Cinema Choice (UK)

maj 18 - 2016

"You can probably tell I'm in love with this system. If you think I've got carried away, I can only suggest you have a listen yourself. At this price, few speakers emulate the feeling of sonic immersion quite like the XTZ. The additional Atmosphere speakers make the array a good match for modern setup. 5.1 fans shouldn't ignore the core models either." "We say: A superior-sounding movie-mad speaker system offering seriious value for money. Plenty of installation flexibility and solid construction. Not the prettiest of cabinets."
- Danny Phillips

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I have bought a pair of S2 Atmosphere to complete my Cinema Series set, i have mounted on ceiling and they create an exciting, believable, vertical soundstage. Very recommended as atmos speaker, good choice for a futureproof home cinema system.
I have bought a pair of S2 Atmosphere and I'm really happy with the result i got in my dedicated home cinema. They play very neutral and required surprisingly little EQ to hit the target in relation to my fronts and surrounds. Although structurally somewhat different than my Klipsch speakers, they manage to melt seamlessly into the soundstage. This was one of my main concerns as i currently have a Klipsch THX Ultra2 system but it was fortunately no problem. I've seen some video clips at reference volume and I could not push them to distortion or clipping, so after my initial tests I would describe it as a competent THX atmos speaker. There is a right and left hand so that they point slightly toward the listener when hung from the ceiling. The acquired flushmount bracket made installation very easy. At first i thought they were a little expensive, but compared alternative universal mount the price is pretty close and these fit perfectly and support the speaker with rubber to avoid scratches on the speaker. They are REALLY well packed down and it gives almost the same feeling to package them like when you open an apple product The paint is really nice matte black are matching my Klipsch KS-525 surrounds very well. Speaker covers are mounted with magnets as seen on B & W speakers and you choose where you want to place XTZ Cinema logo. Really nice for buyers like me who have a different brand - i just leave them off to match the rest of the setup. Both the speakers and covers are packed in nice fabric bags and they come with set of white gloves to avoid getting them greased up. You really get the feeling that you are dealing with a premium product. The terminals are recessed into the cabinet and there is a slot to guide the cables freely to the terminals when mounted to the ceiling or wall- well thought out. The only small detail that I will point out is that they are designed to stand on XTZ's Cinema M6 front speakers. Therefore, there are some additional threaded holes, which can be seen when installed in the ceiling and it pulls down a bit on the otherwise attractive finish and design. To conclude i find it a very nice, competent and neutral atmos speaker that I am can to recommend everyone, who are looking to expand the system to atmos at an affordable price without sacrificing sound quality or finish.