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"Med sin rejäla och nästan strama framtoning ger XTZ ett väldigt gediget intryck. Det är enkelt, välbyggt, inte alltför dyrt och dessutom välljudande med hög underhållningsfaktor."

- Thomas Odeltorp, Hemmabio -

Spirit SUB 12 - Hemmabio (Sweden)

augusti 03 - 2018

"En genomtänkt Product som den här är kul att skriva om eftersom jag kan ge en helhjärtad rekommendation, men det är svärt för mig att inte lata hjärntvättad när jag saknar direkt kritik. Personligen gillar jag blanksvart eller något snofsigt mörkt trä, sa det kan jag sakna. Men alla som ska ha basen i bion kommer att uppskatta den mattsvarta, medan den vita är modernt vardagsrumsfähig. Ljudutgångar är ingen viktig detalj, men det saknas också om vi nu ska gräva bland eventuella brister. I övrigt sa är det här bra, riktigt rackarns bra."
- Thomas Odeltorp

Spirit 2 + Spirit SUB 12 - Hifi-journal.de (Germany)

januari 08 - 2018

"The idea of the Spirit Sub 12 is very powerful, can be characterized by a very precise punch and the timing is excellent. The reproduction is never exaggerated and makes a perfectly dosed impression. When the events in the movie are getting really violent, like on the UHD by Hacksaw Ridge, the XTZ subwoofer really shows what it is made of."
- Matthias Fengler

+ first-class workmanship
+ high-quality sanding varnish
+ Low frequency range
+ Customization options
- Sockets for front cover visible 

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Spirit SUB 12 - AREA DVD (Germany)

juni 20 - 2017

"The XTZ Spirit Sub 12 is able to convince in every discipline. Stylish optics, high-quality workmanship, rich equipment for great flexibility and a powerful yet precise sound are the characteristics of the Swedish subwoofer. Weaknesses are looked for in vain." "The competitors are also strong, but the XTZ impresses with its high acoustic harmony and the absolutely identical handling of music and movie source material. Very high SPL capabilities and an outstanding precision, even with parallel occuring bass effects, are part of the  impressive performance." "This is how to build active subwoofers: the XTZ Spirit Sub 12 combines enormous performance and high-quality appearance for a small purchase price"
- Carsten Rampacher

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - Lowbeats.de (Germany)

maj 13 - 2017

"The fact that Scandinavians have a sense of good loudspeakers is nothing new, that they love their home cinemas through long winters as well, so no wonder the XTZ Spirit series is what it promises: high dynamics of discreet design with noble matt multi-layer finishes and impeccable processing." "The whole Spirit set sounds pleasantly dynamic and shows rather warm, earthy sound colors, which will never be annoying and can lead to enormous reserves for its compact dimensions. Speakers like these are often only able to deliver either fine music or action-movies, the XTZ Spirit series instead delivers both! "... This makes the XTZ Spirit series a real bargain."
- Raphael Vogt

+ Great workmanship, compact size
+ Variable sound tuning for all speakers
+ Powerful subwoofer
- Floorstanding speakers are little unsteady without optional feet

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - Hifi-Test (Germany)

april 27 - 2017

"With the Spirit series XTZ has released a big hit. These loudspeakers look superb, are first-class processed and even literally go through as sound furniture. Our 5.1 Surround Set from the Spirit line offers precise, dynamic sound, which meets even the most demanding requirements. A particularly practical feature is the possibility to operate all loudspeakers of the series as a bass reflex or closed construction in real listening rooms. Sound adjustment is also possible with the jumper on the backside lowering the tweeter level and the three presets of the subwoofer. A look at the more than fair overall price of the Spirit 5.1 set should also create a smile in the faces of potential buyers, because with this performance and processing quality the set is an absolute purchase recommendation."
- Michael Voigt

Spirit Series 5.1 Set - likehifi.de (Germany)

mars 31 - 2017

"For this price class, XTZ offers a wonderful 5.1 set with the Spirit series which does not have to hide behind big names. The sound is full and powerful, but at the same time also audibly dynamic. Specifically adapted to the own hearing or home cinema - The XTZ play a league higher than you would have expected it at the price, and we say: Do not hesitate and simply try the set at your own home."
- Erik Schober

+ Great price / performance ratio
+ Good sound reproduction
+ Numerous sound adjustments possible
- Nothing

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - AREA DVD (Germany)

mars 06 - 2017

"XTZ has practically done everything right with the Spirit series: natural, harmonious and precise sound, noble workmanship, contemporary look - and the whole at a price that amazes. For a around 2,000 EUR, it will be difficult to get an even more powerful overall package. The extremely powerful active subwoofers clearly stands out in the Spirit set. All components are well processed, leaving little scope for criticism: It would be desirable if the Swedes offered suitable top firing modules for the Spirit 11 front loudspeakers."
- Carsten Rampacher

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Spirit Serien 5.1 Set - Hemmabio (Sverige)

december 13 - 2016

"Med sin rejäla och nästan strama framtoningger XTZ ett väldigt gediget intryck. Det ärenkelt, välbyggt, inte alltför dyrt och dessutomvälljudande med hög underhållningsfaktor.Egentligen finns det inte mycket att anmärkapå, vi kapitulerar och delar glatt ut två rejälatummar upp!Trots att jag gillade 95-serien och trots att jagkallar mig själv för en bakåtsträvare så tycker jagatt Spirit är ett stort steg framåt i utvecklingenför XTZ!"
- Thomas Odeltorp

+ Välbyggt och genomtänkt 
+ Korrekt och spelglatt
- I den här prisklassen? Inget! 

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Spirit Series - Zhuhai (China)

oktober 20 - 2016

"The new Spirit series is made for people who appreciate the true quality of music and movies. It is like real sound, which gives you the feeling to really be in the center of the event. Gripping bass as well as accurate mid and treble, are the strengths of the Spirit Series. The use of in-house developed and optimized high-quality drivers in neatly manufactured cabinets, with a great finish, is unique in this price range and even provides a larger number of audiences to enjoy the natural and balanced sound of XTZ speakers."

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