Spirit 2 + Spirit SUB 12 - Hifi-journal.de (Germany)

januari 12 - 2018

"This XTZ combination makes it possible for the owner to put a smile on his face and possibly to re-live existing titles. The Spirit 2 are wonderfully present in the action despite their size, so they control the film action with a very precise and clear voice reproduction but are also able to do very well in the midrange."
- Matthias Fengler

+ First-class workmanship
+ High-quality sanding varnish
+ Small footprint
+ Tonality / sound
+ Performance due to size
- Sockets for front cover visible

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Spirit 2 + Spirit SUB 12 - Hifi-journal.de (Germany)

januari 08 - 2018

"The idea of the Spirit Sub 12 is very powerful, can be characterized by a very precise punch and the timing is excellent. The reproduction is never exaggerated and makes a perfectly dosed impression. When the events in the movie are getting really violent, like on the UHD by Hacksaw Ridge, the XTZ subwoofer really shows what it is made of."
- Matthias Fengler

+ first-class workmanship
+ high-quality sanding varnish
+ Low frequency range
+ Customization options
- Sockets for front cover visible 

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Divine Alpha - Fairaudio.de (Germany)

december 20 - 2017

"When writing these lines in the conclusion, I notice that in the above description of sound I delivered the greatest compliment for the XTZ basically en passant: All speakers, which came to my mind as a benchmark, are, concerning the price level, at least one level above the Alpha. This clearly reveals the level at which the XTZ Divine Alpha plays: resolution / transparency, dynamics, airiness, long-term fitness and neutrality are on an absolute high-end level, also in the range far above 10.000€ there is not (much) more to get."
- Jörg Dames

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Cinema 1X12 - Hiendy HiFi Club (China)

november 20 - 2017

"It is difficult to find a subwoofer to fully fill a 200 sqft area with high dynamic low bass at the same price point of SUB 1×12. I am sure that higher price model would have at ease of fulfilling that, but that would be another story to tell. If you are in the market for a natural cinema sounding subwoofer, but also be able to tune for your personal taste/preference in bass, you should definitely give XTZ Cinema SUB 1×12 a try."

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99.36 MK3 (FLR) - Technic3D.de (Germany)

november 18 - 2017

"99/100 Points" "Based on a well-tuned, deep and clearly structured bass, the sound of the 99.36 FLR is accentuated by a variety of timbres, a high degree of transparency and detail, as well as a concise and vivid representation of vocals. The testers especially liked the way the Fountek ribbon tweeter played, which doesn't contain any kind of tonal hardship or hissing." "With their sonic abilities, the XTZ 99.36 FLR catapults itself into the high-end league of passive speakers and is now the Technic3D reference in the price group around 1500€ / pair."
- Gerd Büsse

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Divine Alpha - Hifistatement.net (Germany)

oktober 16 - 2017

"The XTZ Divine Alpha is one of the most affordable ways to get into the high-end loudspeaker Olympus and stay there for a long time. With that extraordinary speaker you have a perfect base to build a real top-notch system of the highest quality."
- Peter Banholzer

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Tune 4 - Hifi-Journal.de (Germany)

september 27 - 2017

"The XTZ Tune 4 is a real "wonder" or realistic, a first-class (active) loudspeaker but also as a stereo solution for the living room. All these possibilities make the Tune 4 more than just a great speaker, whether in the sound itself, or in the quality of the cabinet and its overall features. The speaker provides an amazing dynamic range and amount of details, also the bass qualities are astonishing. If you need more, you can also easily connect a subwoofer to the subwoofer-output." "From our side, there is a clear purchase recommendation."
- Marcel Büttner

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Tune 4 - Stereopluss (Norway)

juli 01 - 2017

"There are not many options for really good sound on the desk. We have already tested the Quadral Rondo Active and they are certainly a good alternative but still I find that the Tune 4 gives a better insight into the music with more timbre and details in the sound. Furthermore the Dirac DSP gives you a unique opportunity to adjust the sound as you like. Whether you're working, surfing or just sitting in front of the screen, the Tune 4 always make an excellent impression. The Speakers can also be used to support the TV sound, for example, via the optical input and it definitely sounds better than any soundbar! "
- Håvard Holmedal

Spirit SUB 12 - AREA DVD (Germany)

juni 20 - 2017

"The XTZ Spirit Sub 12 is able to convince in every discipline. Stylish optics, high-quality workmanship, rich equipment for great flexibility and a powerful yet precise sound are the characteristics of the Swedish subwoofer. Weaknesses are looked for in vain." "The competitors are also strong, but the XTZ impresses with its high acoustic harmony and the absolutely identical handling of music and movie source material. Very high SPL capabilities and an outstanding precision, even with parallel occuring bass effects, are part of the  impressive performance." "This is how to build active subwoofers: the XTZ Spirit Sub 12 combines enormous performance and high-quality appearance for a small purchase price"
- Carsten Rampacher

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SUB 10.17 - Hifi-Journal.de (Germany)

juni 12 - 2017

"With the 99.25 speakers and the 10.17 subwoofer, XTZ has a combo in the portfolio that is fun without ever losing the seriousness. A perfect lacquer finish, high-quality connection panels and many possibilities of sound adjustment are not common in this price class. The subwoofer offers a tremendous performance, the built-in DSP and the sophisticated bass reflex adjustments are a clear statement towards the competitors at a price of just under 550 euros."
- Matthias Fengler

+ Very high quality workmanship / material choice
+ Optical appearance / paint quality
+ Installed technology / technical equipment
+ Sound adjustments / sound
- Nothing

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99.36 MK3 (FLR) - Fairaudio.de (Germany)

juni 07 - 2017

"The precise, structured and tremendously rich and powerful bass is simply fascinating in this price class. Of course: the competitors are also doing well in reproducing bass, but I think the Swedish developers have achieved something special when constructing the 99.36. In addition, the connection to the higher frequency ranges takes place smoothly, the mid range has punch, plasticity and naturalness without any blurring effect. The XTZ offers a perfect timing and a very confident, light-footed character with practically every type of music."
- Tobias Zoporowski

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Spirit 11 - AVForums (UK)

maj 19 - 2017

"Some products instil a positive feeling pretty much the moment you unbox them. They don’t have to be enormously expensive to do so. They simply have to exude the feeling that they have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to achieve the absolute maximum their constituent components are capable of....Speakers are subjective items – two examples of ‘correct’ design practise can sound rather different in practise – but the Spirit 11 is likely to please a great many people. Based on this impressive roster of abilities, it has to be considered a Best Buy."
- Ed Selley

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - Lowbeats.de (Germany)

maj 13 - 2017

"The fact that Scandinavians have a sense of good loudspeakers is nothing new, that they love their home cinemas through long winters as well, so no wonder the XTZ Spirit series is what it promises: high dynamics of discreet design with noble matt multi-layer finishes and impeccable processing." "The whole Spirit set sounds pleasantly dynamic and shows rather warm, earthy sound colors, which will never be annoying and can lead to enormous reserves for its compact dimensions. Speakers like these are often only able to deliver either fine music or action-movies, the XTZ Spirit series instead delivers both! "... This makes the XTZ Spirit series a real bargain."
- Raphael Vogt

+ Great workmanship, compact size
+ Variable sound tuning for all speakers
+ Powerful subwoofer
- Floorstanding speakers are little unsteady without optional feet

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - Hifi-Test (Germany)

april 27 - 2017

"With the Spirit series XTZ has released a big hit. These loudspeakers look superb, are first-class processed and even literally go through as sound furniture. Our 5.1 Surround Set from the Spirit line offers precise, dynamic sound, which meets even the most demanding requirements. A particularly practical feature is the possibility to operate all loudspeakers of the series as a bass reflex or closed construction in real listening rooms. Sound adjustment is also possible with the jumper on the backside lowering the tweeter level and the three presets of the subwoofer. A look at the more than fair overall price of the Spirit 5.1 set should also create a smile in the faces of potential buyers, because with this performance and processing quality the set is an absolute purchase recommendation."
- Michael Voigt

Spirit 11 - Modernhifi.de (Germany)

april 24 - 2017

"Low price with great sound - these are the XTZ Spirit 11. At first glance somewhat unspectacular, as the treble sounds more clean than agressive, they show, especially at higher volume, a great performance. With a proper punch in the bass and a neutral overall tuning, the Spirit 11 is suitable for audiophile leisure as well as for big home cinema thunderstorms."
- Torsten Pless

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - likehifi.de (Germany)

mars 31 - 2017

"For this price class, XTZ offers a wonderful 5.1 set with the Spirit series which does not have to hide behind big names. The sound is full and powerful, but at the same time also audibly dynamic. Specifically adapted to the own hearing or home cinema - The XTZ play a league higher than you would have expected it at the price, and we say: Do not hesitate and simply try the set at your own home."
- Erik Schober

+ Great price / performance ratio
+ Good sound reproduction
+ Numerous sound adjustments possible
- Nothing

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Headphone Divine - Audisseus (Germany)

mars 23 - 2017

"With the XTZ Headphone Divine, the Swedes make an impressive debut in the headphone segment, comfortable to carry and uncomplicated in handling, the Divine is a good companion for its sensitivity and the low impedance of low-power amps from smartphone and co. While its balanced sound image does not have any weaknesses but scores with long-term suitability and agile suppleness."
- Fritz I. Schwertfeger

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Tune 4 - technic3D.com (Germany)

mars 11 - 2017

"The Tune 4 is particularly impressive for its price class of around 500 euros, which is mainly due to its transparency, structure and high-quality precision. Tune 4 rewards the listener with a bony-dry, precise bass, and thus expresses the emotional expressive power of even the most demanding music impressively." "At the same time our team awarded the XTZ Tune 4 as a sound reference in the active box price class below 500 €."
- Gerd Büsse

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Spirit Series 5.0 Set - SuperAV (China)

mars 10 - 2017

"The Spirit speakers have embraced high technology, and they are your best choice if you prefer a powerful and balanced sound experience. Indeed, your demand would be available by the different ways of speakers matching." "When appreciating the movies, I select another blue-ray disc of Celion Dion Las Vegas Concert to review the reproduction of the Spirit Series in s multichannel setup. What surprises me is that it leaves me a so incredible impression that I feel surrounded amongst the rhythm performed by drums and the clear and accurate high-pitched voice of Celion Dion!"

SUB 8.17 - technic3D.com (Germany)

mars 09 - 2017

"With a clear, precise bass reproduction which can be modified by the wide range of possible settings between particularly deep and structured-dry sound, the subwoofer inspires its listeners. This allows the discerning user to adapt the sound perfectly to his / her personal preferences as well as the conditions of the listening room. The Sub 8.17 presents itself as an excellent bass loudspeaker, which is perfectly suitable for the sound support of compact boxes and can be considered almost as a bargain for the price of 345 euros (plus shipping). XTZ has without doubt landed a perfect hit with this subwoofer."
- Gerd Büsse

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Divine Alpha - AREA DVD (Germany)

mars 09 - 2017

"The XTZ speaker therefore marks its place in the dance of the top speakers, which are still affordable. Practically nowhere is there more box for money - first-class housing, highly solid, brutally heavy, elaborately braced and pattern-processed. In addition there are drivers of well-known manufacturers, which offer reference level without compromises. The Divine Alpha, with its two qualities, is very exciting: Emotional-deep acoustic harmony and a sovereignty, which we rarely experienced in 20 years of test experience."
- Carsten Rampacher

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Spirit 11 - Hifi-Journal.de (Germany)

mars 07 - 2017

"The Spirit 11 doesn't sound or look like a beginners speaker at all. The processing is very high-quality, the massive cabinet is equipped with an excellent varnish finish and is very valuable. The Spirit 11 delivers a rich, dynamic sound, and has also been harmoniously tuned."
- Matthias Fengler

+ Valuable processing / lacquer finish
+ Technical equipment+ Customizable sound
+ Sound characteristics / tonality
+ Allrounder music / film operation
- Bracket for front cover optically not solved optimally

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Spirit Series 5.1 Set - AREA DVD (Germany)

mars 06 - 2017

"XTZ has practically done everything right with the Spirit series: natural, harmonious and precise sound, noble workmanship, contemporary look - and the whole at a price that amazes. For a around 2,000 EUR, it will be difficult to get an even more powerful overall package. The extremely powerful active subwoofers clearly stands out in the Spirit set. All components are well processed, leaving little scope for criticism: It would be desirable if the Swedes offered suitable top firing modules for the Spirit 11 front loudspeakers."
- Carsten Rampacher

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99.25 MK3 (LCR) - WHAT HI*FI (India)

mars 01 - 2017

"A versatile and well built pair of bookshelf speakers, the budget for which if you have, there is no where else you should put your money." "We have hardly anything to complain about here. If there has to be pointer, it would be the 99.25's disagreeable nature with MP3s. You make that mistake and the XTZs don't forgive you for your bad judgement. Feed these only the best you have to offer and enjoy a sound that's well rounded and balanced. These are speakers best enjoyed with a nice glass of whatever poison you like and a playlist that won't end."
- Kaizad Billimoria

+ Superb balance, detailed midrange, airy treble, tight bass
- You just get two for that price, we want more

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Spirit 11 - Stereopluss 1/17 (Norway)

februari 18 - 2017

"XTZ Spirit 11 plays well above expectations, and marks a new level of quality in the price range below 8.000 NOK. They sound entertaining and engaging and together with a reasonable amplifier you are only one purchase away from an amazing listening experience. Suddenly XTZ was the reason why all the other manufacturers of speakers must sharpen up yet little extra, get up very early in the morning and come up with new stuff that plays even better. They also did well, but right now I can not see others who completely manage to compete with Spirit 11 at this price."
- Håvard Holmedal

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Cinema 1X12 - Sound & Vision (USA)

februari 06 - 2017

"Given the SUB 1X12’s hulking presence, I couldn’t resist cueing up a few favorite bass cows. The opening of Hall & Oates’ classic “She’s Gone” bloomed with 30-Hz deliciousness, while the finale of the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony was in-the-hall awesome, and my few, in-the-name-of-science dub-step tracks indeed proved a dentist’s best friend. 

Even at reference level in my substantial-volume studio, the XTZ sub had no problem presenting Max’s most impressive impacts and explosions (of which there are many) with full effect and nary a trace of limiting or overreach."
- Daniel Kumin

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Tune 4 - Lautsprecher-Junkie (Germany)

januari 05 - 2017

"Even at a low volume, you're almost in the middle of the action, and the basic design of the Tune 4 is also very good at low volume, with a warm and precise bass. It is a very pleasant and unobtrusive sound picture, which is further refined and optimized with the DSP settings "On Wall" or "On Desk". Then the software can be used to slow down the bass or to modify the run times for the table reflection, which can definitely be heard and the difference is impressive."
- Maik Dahles

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99.25 MK3 (LCR) - Fairaudio.de (Germany)

december 20 - 2016

"The XTZ offer a perfect performance in almost all criteria, but their greatest talent is that they reproduce music wonderfully homogeneously. The clean reproduction of sound colours, which clearly shows every instrument, intertwines with high localization, resulting in a tremendously authentic overall impression. Similar synergies arise from tonal neutrality and resolution. Both - in each case to a large extent - do not sound cool or analytical, but simply correct."
- Martin Mertens

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Alla kundrecensioner

First proper headphone I have owned and and after a year, still very impressed. Sound is superb if unforgiving with lesser quality material. Sound is detailed and Bass is tight. Comfort is good though the bar could use a little padding. Can and have used over long journeys without getting fatigued or hot and sweaty Ears The XTZ player app is fine but could do with some enhancments to operation of the player and allow playing of other subscribed streaming services. However I found that if the quality of the tracks played are of such a level (I.e flac) the headphones works excellently without the app.
Produkt: 99.36 FLR
These speakers are awesome, I have paired them with my Jungson J88D and they rock. They are so tweakable for room differences, truly amazing and the bass is fantastic. So pleased with my purchase
I have used these headphones for about a year now and they are superb. The build quality is just beautiful, bluetooth connects seamlessly, the battery lasts forever and they are comfortable to wear. Top class product and an excellent price.
I have the original room analyzer. It works as advertised providing RTA and other room measurements and it is simple enough for a novice to use. I especially like its ability to identify room note points. I can plug these into ROON and modulate them. I also appreciate the prompt and helpful customer service. When i have ever had a question on the use of product, i am getting good support.
Produkt: Earphone 12
I got this free with the headphone devine on kickstarter the first one broke (one of the earpiece stop producing sound) but they offered me another one with a slight discount in price. The first one lasted about a year but 2nd one is going to reach a year in 4 months. so will it still survive? - just have to wait. It's plastic but it's magnetic so it's a good design and looks nice. The sound quality is great too, however it's not as competitive as other earphones like the Vsonic V3DS. The software on android is still unknown but their customer service is great!
Backed from KickStarter, it's a good headphone and it's still working solid! It sounds great but sadly it's doesn't fit my head/ears properly so it gets un-comfy after a long duration. First few minutes of wearing though it's great! The software is not updated on the android but this could just be a technical issue they're having. Their service is superb so despite the negativity negative points made. It is a company that is worth trusting and to look out for :)
Produkt: SUB 1X12
I met this subwoofer through some forum sites specializing in hi-fi and I have read many positive comments so I finally decided to buy also because there is a guarantee that allows you to return it within 30 days so you can try it safely home and then to decide. So I did. Use this sub mainly to see the films but also for ascoltrae music; in both cases the result was exceptional. My room is about 20 square meters and the sub is too powerful for this square footage, in fact Audyssey set him down a lot the level. The sound is powerful and with volumo reference punch is assured. I have been viewing scenes of many films that I knew really well and they have a whole different thickness. Even the bass in music are drastically changed for the better; now they are deeper and longer present. In short, without going into too much technical detail (for that there are specialized sites and professional reviews) I can say that this subwoofer has proved far above my expectations. A good buy, especially in relation to the price paid, I think it's really hard to find something better in this range prezzo.I construction materials and the aesthetics are really cared for, the powerful sound like in the cinema, fast shipping (4 days me that I live in Italy) soI would recommend it highly to anyone who wants this subwoofer to increase the quality and ptoenza bass in your system, for movies or music. Congratulations to XTZ product and for their professionalism and passion in their work.
Produkt: M6
My system is composed with 3x M6, 4xS5, and two sub 3x12 in dedicated cinema room! The 3xM6 are situated behind the acusticaly transparent screen. Whole set is calirated with Dirac system. The sound is just a-ma-zing! Very neutral and detailed sound, which never makes you tired. Even in stereo mode the speakres sound very good. Base fill completely and even the whole room and is deep and punchy? Highly recommended speakers for cinema and even stero systems!
Produkt: M6
My system is composed with 3x M6, 4xS5, 2x S2 and the sub 10.17 ! The sound is just a-ma-zing! He fill completely the whole room with deep and punchy bass and highly detailed sound! Frankly ? Highly recommended speakers!
Produkt: 99.36 FLR
The 99.36 is a great all rounder speaker, for the money its great Owned 99.36 for a year and then upgraded to Monitor Audio Platinum PL200 ...the difference is not that big, but Monitor Audio is a LOT more expensive!