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"...the Cinema SUB 1X12 subwoofer is definitely one of the best in this range of price, and by the way one of the most beautiful as well."

- Pierre Dubarry, AudioVideoHD - 

Cinema Series - HifiVision 16/2018 (Germany)

juli 13 - 2018

"The M8 Tower and M8 Center, with the eye-catching 6-channel array of tweeters, provide an ideal dispersion with ultra-low distortion. Combined with the S5 dipols and powerful SUB1X12 subwoofer, the XTZ Cinema set is a real eye-catcher for rousing home theater sound at the highest level. "

+ THX-Ultra licensed
+ strong high-tonal array
+ enormous dynamics

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Cinema Series - (Germany)

maj 18 - 2018

"The developers at XTZ know their compatriots - no wonder the XTZ Cinema series offers so much power, dynamics and the proverbial bang for a buck."
- Raphael Vogt

+ Very neutral, balanced sound
+ Extreme dynamic reserves
+ Ingenious subwoofer
+ Flexibly combinable

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Cinema Serien - Hemmabio (Svenska)

mars 14 - 2018

"XTZ hanterar den ädla konsten att spela såväl superdetaljerat som äckligt högt, vilket inte många anläggningar för normala plånböcker klarar av."
- Thomas Odeltorp

Cinema 1X12 - Ljud & Bild (Sweden)

februari 20 - 2018

Betyg: 6/6 - Bästa köp!

"Subwoofern från XTZ kostar hälften så mycket som de andra med samma storlek och slagkraft. Och får inte stryk av någon!
Blixtsnabb, distinkt och mycket kraftfull innebär att XTZ SUB 1X12 är en topp-subwoofer till både musik och film. Den är dessutom ganska så enkel att placera. Och så kostar den hälften så mycket som konkurrenterna!"
- Geir Gråbein Nordby

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Cinema Series - HEIMKINO (Germany)

februari 02 - 2018

"Finally, the SUB 1X12 active subwoofer provided plenty of fun: with enormous dynamics and noticeable pressure and precision in the pit of the stomach, this subwoofer makes a considerable contribution to the impressive performance of the XTZ cinema set." "Together with the S5 dipoles and the powerful 1X12 subwoofer, the XTZ Cinema set deserves a real recommendation for rousing home cinema sound at the highest level."
- Michael Voigt

Cinema 1X12 - Hiendy HiFi Club (China)

november 20 - 2017

"It is difficult to find a subwoofer to fully fill a 200 sqft area with high dynamic low bass at the same price point of SUB 1×12. I am sure that higher price model would have at ease of fulfilling that, but that would be another story to tell. If you are in the market for a natural cinema sounding subwoofer, but also be able to tune for your personal taste/preference in bass, you should definitely give XTZ Cinema SUB 1×12 a try."

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Cinema 1X12 - Sound & Vision (USA)

februari 06 - 2017

"Given the SUB 1X12’s hulking presence, I couldn’t resist cueing up a few favorite bass cows. The opening of Hall & Oates’ classic “She’s Gone” bloomed with 30-Hz deliciousness, while the finale of the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony was in-the-hall awesome, and my few, in-the-name-of-science dub-step tracks indeed proved a dentist’s best friend. 

Even at reference level in my substantial-volume studio, the XTZ sub had no problem presenting Max’s most impressive impacts and explosions (of which there are many) with full effect and nary a trace of limiting or overreach."
- Daniel Kumin

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Cinema Series - Home Cinema Choice (UK)

maj 18 - 2016

"You can probably tell I'm in love with this system. If you think I've got carried away, I can only suggest you have a listen yourself. At this price, few speakers emulate the feeling of sonic immersion quite like the XTZ. The additional Atmosphere speakers make the array a good match for modern setup. 5.1 fans shouldn't ignore the core models either." "We say: A superior-sounding movie-mad speaker system offering seriious value for money. Plenty of installation flexibility and solid construction. Not the prettiest of cabinets."
- Danny Phillips

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Cinema Series - Sound & Vision (USA)

maj 03 - 2016

"While I’ve saved it for the end, I did notice that the XTZ setup is, at nearly $5,500, expensive. XTZ sells direct to consumer, though, and with a generous home-trial period, free return shipping, and the Cinema series’ quality of componentry, construction, and performance, there’s value here nonetheless. Cost aside, XTZ’s Cinema is a very impressive home theater setup. I can’t see recommending it for a music-first layout, but I doubt that most such system- builders would be interested anyway—though this Swedish layout is still a very able music reproducer. For a serious projection room install based on an acoustically transparent screen, a genre that tends to be fairly price-insensitive anyway, I think this system is just about ideal."
- Daniel Kumin

+ Very dynamically capable, with high power handling, high output
+ Solidly integrated front stage
+ Impressive subwoofer output and extension
+ Flexible “tripole” surround speakers
- Slightly forward tonal balance (but perfect for behind-screen placement)
- Pricey

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Cinema 1X12 - AudioVideoHD (France)

februari 23 - 2016

"...the Cinema SUB 1X12 subwoofer is definitely one of the best in this range of price, and by the way one of the most beautiful as well."

- Pierre Dubarry, AudioVideoHD

+ Power and quality of the Claridy amplification
+ Impressive depth in bass range
+ Energetic and taut bass
+ Appreciable musical quality and control
+ Value of two equalizers for different types of listening
+ Amazing quality of finish
+ Extensive connector set
+ High quality / price level
- A few more dB below 20 Hz…but one can’t have it all
- At that price level, hard to find anything to criticize

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Cinema Series - Widescreen Review (USA)

juli 26 - 2015

"The best thing the XTZ loudspeakers do is to disappear and never remind you that youare listening to loudspeakers. You’ll find music and movies both havea natural sound with an ease of presentation that makes the presentation live in your room. The satisfying XTZ presentation characteristics will be perennial reminders that you chose well." 

- Doug Blackburn, Home Cinema Review

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Cinema series - WHAT HI-FI? (Indonesia)

juni 16 - 2015

"Editors Choice - Award"    "Very evocative sound intelligence of this system wrapped with slick design integration which is well proven in delivering several different sonic aspects, Its the reason why we are in urge to review it immediately." 


Cinema Series - (Germany)

maj 01 - 2015

Score: 5/5 "The XTZ multichannel system convinced by its unusual design, excellent workmanship and, most importantly, - excellent sound in a home cinema environment. The asked selling price is extremely fair, which is why we want to give our Preistipp logo." 

- Jochen Schmitt,

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Cinema Series - HEIMKINO (Germany)

april 02 - 2015

Score: 10.5/12     "As soon as the XTZ-Setup starts there's not a dry eye left in the house." 

- Jochen Schmitt, Heimkino

Cinema Series - AREA DVD (Germany)

mars 16 - 2015

"Phenomenal - Award"  "Strong performance from Sweden! The XTZ Cinema 5.1 set can be noticed very positively in the home theater operation. Closed soundscape, lively effects, high SPL and tremendously strong bass performance by the world-class active subwoofer are offered. In music mode, the services are very respectable,  the total harmony could only be a little bit higher. The high-quality finish and the and sophisticated technology are highly commendable. For the offered price is fair, no doubt." 

- Carsten Rampacher, AreaDVD

+ Closed, densely atmospheric sound thanks dipoles
+ Very high SPL
+ Extremely powerful active subwoofer with no weaknesses
+ Uniform, clean staggered front soundscape
+ Subwoofer with two EQ modes for appropriate adaptation to space
+ Very good separation of all sound elements from the speakers
+ Fair price- In music the overall harmony could be a little bit higher
- Optik not for everyone

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Cinema Series - AVForums (UK)

mars 15 - 2015

"Highly Recommended - Award"     "Overall when assessing the sound quality and how well these XTZ Cinema Series speakers work together I am struggling to think of any negatives at all. The sheer soundscape they are capable of producing and the way they are so well matched to create a cohesive soundstage, that just melts away and does so on a few levels, makes you wonder why you would want the new 3D sound formats. There are a few occasions when you just hear a well put together speaker and sound system and things makes sense and you are transported away without noticing. That is what the XTZ’s were capable of doing for me in my system and it was the cohesive nature of the performance that nailed it for me. They go loud, they are dynamic and they can get in your face when required. " 

- Phil Hinton, AVForums

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Cinema Series - Trusted Reviews (UK)

november 24 - 2014

Score: 10/10     "Recommended - Award"    ”XTZ’s gobsmacking 5.1 speaker system is packed with innovation, is beautifully engineered and sounds fantastic – and best of all it costs much less than you’d normally pay for a system of this calibre." 

- Danny Phillips, Trusted Reviews

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Cinema Series - Ljud och Bild (Sweden)

september 19 - 2014

Score: 6/6    "Speaker system of the year - award" 

"This speaker system is a winner. It offers first class sound quality and dynamics in a price range where we thought it was impossible to get this far. It's simply awesome. The largest subwoofer is incredibly powerful - and that's an understatement..." 

- Sven Bilén, Ljud & Bild

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Cinema Series - SuperAV (China)

juni 25 - 2014

"I really enjoyed the sound penetration and impacting brought by Cinema series." 

- Jiajie Luo, SuperAV

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I met this subwoofer through some forum sites specializing in hi-fi and I have read many positive comments so I finally decided to buy also because there is a guarantee that allows you to return it within 30 days so you can try it safely home and then to decide. So I did. Use this sub mainly to see the films but also for ascoltrae music; in both cases the result was exceptional. My room is about 20 square meters and the sub is too powerful for this square footage, in fact Audyssey set him down a lot the level. The sound is powerful and with volumo reference punch is assured. I have been viewing scenes of many films that I knew really well and they have a whole different thickness. Even the bass in music are drastically changed for the better; now they are deeper and longer present. In short, without going into too much technical detail (for that there are specialized sites and professional reviews) I can say that this subwoofer has proved far above my expectations. A good buy, especially in relation to the price paid, I think it's really hard to find something better in this range prezzo.I construction materials and the aesthetics are really cared for, the powerful sound like in the cinema, fast shipping (4 days me that I live in Italy) soI would recommend it highly to anyone who wants this subwoofer to increase the quality and ptoenza bass in your system, for movies or music. Congratulations to XTZ product and for their professionalism and passion in their work.
I have bought this subwoofer to complete my Cinema Series setup, i'm very satisfied and it's a big improvement from my old sunfire HRS12! It has deep and powerful bass and it's very controlled!
I would also like to share these exceptional products XTZ, I apologize for translation are Italian. I have 15 days 1x12 subwoofer, precise that I have always preferred the sound of the case closed and I had always subwoofer in a sealed enclosure, having had several subwoofer I decided to change and look around when then the Italian forum takes place a review of XTZ subwoofer intrigued me a lot so I go on the site and control, could not find any subwoofer in closed box, then read some of the reviews on the net and I see that you can use 1x12 even in sealed box, be my curiosity and high here, I speak by email with Olle very helpful person, it gives me all the information I need in records times, eventually ordered, arrived home the settle and begin to listen to him after calibration and I can say that I was greatly fascinated by this sub, I say that has taken the best from the two systems, closed and reflex, that the precision and control of the case closed, but at the same time lowering the reflex, the good XTZ winning mix. Sub precise and controlled, a great impact, clean and immersive sound with both the music and the movies, I never thought I would go so well for the cost of this subwoofer, I always go for subwoofers costing 1300 Euros up. I am very pleased with my sub and recommend it to all lovers of good new XTZ and continues so that you will have so much. Giuseppe
I just love this bad boy for the deep and powerful bass. I use 2 x 1X12 in my home cinema and I compared it to SVS PB 2000 and Klipsch R-115SW and he beat both of them. The 1X12 is really a perfect mixture of deep but still controlled and precise bass. I've never heard a better subwoofer in this pricerange and I would always buy it again. Full Recommendation!
Great product, I enjoy it very much. The subwoofer is playing really deep and loud. The service is great and easy to work with, answer questions very fast
Har CINEMA serien i 5:2. 2 st 1x12 i ett rum som är knappt 10 kvm, och är mer än nöjd med systemet kommer att utökas med Atmos under vintern.