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The Cinema M6 is the perfect home cinema front speaker and center.
It's a hybrid 2/3-ways Quad tweeter & Dual woofer system. To create the perfect balance between efficiency, low distortion and directivity the Quad tweeter is the “heart” of the construction.

  • Optimized size of cabinet
  • Left & right speaker ensure perfect directivity and aesthetics
  • Quattro tweeter array for highest SPL with lowest distortion
  • Optimal dispersion provides maximum balanced sound
  • High tech woofer system ensures fast and punchy bass
  • Two woofer system in MTM configuration
  • Prepared to be used as high end center-speaker
  • Usable both horisontal and vertical mount
  • Twisted internal cable

The M6 speakers are both easy to mount on-wall and can also be placed on a matching stand. Since it's very important to place the speakers at the correct positions in a surround-system, these small cabinets are the easiest solution for you to achieve superior surround-sound. 

M6 also has an angled front which gives the directional spreading into middle of the room even if it's mounted flush to the wall, this give less impact on room space. 

Edge dispersions are one cause for non-uniformity in the higher frequency range. These dispersions are avoided by the off-center positioning of the Quattro-Tweeter array. The front dispersion angle is 7,5 degrees into the middle of the room so even with a flush mounted M6 the directivity is maintained perfectly into the center of the room. To also maintain uniform optics, we offer a left and a right speaker version.

All four of the tweeters work from 1,2 kHz to 3 kHz and they control the dispersion in this very sensitive frequency range. While three of the tweeters are cut off at 3 kHz one continues up the rest of the frequency range.

This means no phase problems in the very sensitive hearing range between 2-6 kHz as there is no crossover point here as in most speakers.

The low crossover point to the midwoofers at has several other advantages. The crossover point is far from the mids breakup point and therefore it plays with less distortion and the d'Appolito effect is improved by the same reason.

System advantages with controlled directivity and dispersion

The Quattro array in combination with the MTM system give lot of advantages as mentioned above of high power handling, high sensitivity and low distortion. The Quattro tweeter also helps to control the spreading perfectly both in tweeter range and in the midrange. It gives an optimized vertical directivity that reduces floor and sealing reflections and a controlled dispersion in horizontal direction.

Controlled directivity but still no “beaming” effect. The Quattro array also has the advantage of avoiding early reflections from side walls. The placement of the four tweeters improve the diffraction effect and the extra baffle improve it further. By taking advantage of placement and using the baffle step effect the energy is pointed into the listening room and less towards the outside and this reduce the early reflections from sidewalls. This is a very unique feature witch creates a big advantage.

Two woofer system in MTM configuration

For the midrange and woofer two 5 ¼ inch drivers are used. These utilize cones comprised of a very strong, long fiber pulp blend material which offers maximum strength and rigidity while maintaining minimum mass. The optimized combination of cone angle, dust cap diameter and geometry provides a near perfect piston emulation, maximum cone area efficiency, and controlled high velocity characteristics in both the inward and outward directions. Further the cone is treated with a specialized coating compound, the dust cap is constructed of a long fiber pulp blend with an additional layer of coating on the front side. The basket is made from non-magnetic die-cast aluminum. The driver is adapted to be able to handle high power due to its strong magnet included aluminum shorting ring. The long fiber pulp cone is a very light material witch leads to very high sensitivity but also have "soft clipping" characteristics to provide further headroom for distorted sound in extreme levels. The two drivers are mounted as a MTM system which gives a controlled dispersion in the vertical axis witch improves the sound quality through higher sensitivity and therefore a lower distortion. The Quattro tweeter array opens the possibility to lower the crossover point to a very low point at 1.2 kHz. The low crossover point "hand-over" to the midwoofer has several advantages. The crossover point is far from the mids breakup point and there it play with less distortion and the d'Appolito effect is improved of the same reason.

Use as high end center speaker:

M6 also works as a center speaker, just turn it horizontally and then it is a center speaker with perfect sound match with the front system. The logo is fixed by a magnet so you can choose very easy if you want a horizontal or vertical placement of the logo.

Does M6 also work for hi-fi ?

Of course the M6 is an excellent producer of hi-fi sound as well, but to reach the low frequencies you need a subwoofer in combination with the M6. The priority in the cinema series is high sensitivity and small neat boxes for the front speaker and rear speaker and it leads to the fact the roll off is around 75 Hz but the roll off is very smooth because of the closed box and therefor it gives more energy deep in the bass range and its easy to match this to a subwoofer.

2 x M6 and for example 2 x subwoofers give a competent hi-fi system with both clean correct sound and huge SPL capacity!

Other possibilities:

M6 can be fixed to Floorstand Cinema with help of Cinema bracket. M6 can be stacked on top of eachother as a line array system.

Technical Specification 
Type: Hybrid 2/3 way 
Drivers : 4 x 1" tweeter , 2 x 5.25" bass/midrange 
Crossover frequencies: 1,2kHz , 3kHz 
Frequency Response: 75Hz - 30kHz +/- 3dB (in room 55Hz-30kHz) 
Size: 440x230x220mm (HxWxD) 17.3 x 9.1 x 8.7" 
Weight: 9kg / 19,8 lb 
Sensitivity: 89dB at 1W/1m 
Enclosure: sealed enclosure 
Impedance: 4 ohm Nominal 
Recommended hipass: 80-120Hz 24dB/oct 
Recommended amp power: 50-200 W RMS 
Color: Non reflection Matte black 8 layers paint , Piano Black Painted Baffle 
Binding post : Gold plated, accepts bare wire, spades, or banana 
Bi-wiring / Bi-amp ready