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The Cinema S5 might be the best home cinema surround speaker ever.
It's a hybrid 3- Way surround with Dipole or Dipole 3X (three directions) To create the perfect balance between efficiency, low distortion and directivity the Dual tweeter is the “heart” of the construction. On each side of the speaker its mounted 2 wide band drivers to be able to choose between Dipole or Dipole 3X which is three directions dipole function.

  • Ultimate surround Hybrid 3- Way surround whith Dipole or Dipole 3X options = 3 connection options
  • Optimized size of cabinet
  • Dual tweeter array for highest SPL with lowest distortion
  • System advantages whith controlled directivity and dispertion
  • Left & right speaker ensure perfect aesthetics
  • Specially selected drivers ensure superior bass
  • Twisted internal cable
  • Prepared for on-wall-mounting or placing on a stand

Hybrid 3-way surround with Dipole or Dipole 3X options = 3 connection options to create the perfect balance between efficiency, low distortion and directivity. The dual tweeter is the “heart” of the construction but on each side of the speaker its mounted 2 wideband drivers to be able to choose between Dipole or Dipole 3X which is three directions dipole function.

The S5 is very unique and let you have three options:
  • Frontfiring
  • Dipole
  • Dipole 3X (both Dipole and front firing sound mode)
A normal dipole give a compromised spreading pattern in two directions and because the spreading in combination with placement of drivers it gives phase canceling effects depending of the placement of listener. Dipole 3X give you 3 options and one option to get highest fidelity on axis of the speaker. So in a "one seat" you can get very quality sound from the surround and then its up to you and the placement of the speaker if you use the Dipole 3X mode. In a multi-seat installation we recommend Dipole 3X mode to give same timbre around the surround speaker independent of the listening position. But still in the front loob you have high fidelity sound and perfect matched sound compare to the front system. This is a very unique feature with many options for the end-user / installer.

Left and right speaker:

S5 is separate Left and Right speakers to avoid mid mounted tweeter problems from edge dispersion.

Dual tweeter array

Edge dispersions are one cause for non-uniformities in the higher frequency range. These dispersions are avoided by the off-center positioning of the Dual-Tweeter array. 
The silk dome is a very light material which lead to very high sensitivity but also have "soft clipping" character to provide further headroom for distorted sound in extreme levels. The two 1" soft dome tweeters are arranged in a special way to ensure a perfectly balanced dispersion to cover the listening room with same timbre. The tweeters works from 1,2 kHz and they control the dispersion in this very sensitive frequency range. This means no phase problem in the very, for the ear, sensitive range 2-6 kHz as there is no crossover point here as in most speakers.

System advantages with controlled directivity and dispersion

The dual array gives a lot of advantages like mentioned above; high power handling, high sensitivity and low distortion. The dual tweeter also helps to control the spreading perfectly both in tweeter range and in the midrange. It gives an optimized vertical directivity to reduce floor and ceiling reflections and a controlled dispersion in the horizontal direction. Controlled directivity but still no “beaming” effect from the midrange which is a big advantage in a multiseat setup. The placement of the dual tweeter in not centered to improve the diffraction effect and the extra baffle improve it further. By taking advantage of placement and using the baffle step effect the energy is pointed into the listening room and less on the outside and this reduces the early reflections from sidewalls. 

Technical specifications 
Type: 3 Way surround ,Dipole ,Dipole 3X or direction soundfield 
Drivers: 2 x 1" tweeter , 4" bass/midrange , 2 x 3" fullrange driver(sidemounted) 
Enclosure: Sealed enclosure 
Sensivity: 87dB at 1W/1m 
Impedance: 4 ohm Nominal 
Frequency response: 80 - 30kHz +/- 3dB (in room 70 – 30kHz ) 
Crossover frequencies: 400Hz, 1,2kHz 
Recommended high pass: 80-120Hz 24dB/oct 
Recommended amp power
: 50-150W RMS 
Size: H 282 x W 203 x D 225 mm 11.1 x 8 x 8.8" 
Weight: 7.5 kg / 16,5 lbs 
Color: Non reflection Matte black 8 layers paint , Piano Black Painted Baffle 
Binding post: Gold plated, accepts bare wire, spades, or banana