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Cinema SUB 3X12 Subwoofer - that’s true cinema!

The Subwoofer of our new cinema-series, SUB 3X12 was only built for one task: To make you experience the world of true cinema not only with a clean, dynamic sound but also as a physical experience! An experience that will blow your away! Maximum power for maximum home theater pleasure. As one of the most powerful Cinema/hifi-subwoofers in the market, the SUB 3X12 is able to achieve an unbelievably high SPL, even in the lowest frequencies. But it's not only the volume that is astonishing, it's also the smoothness and easiness at which this subwoofer is acting in the entire bass frequency range.

  • Unbelievable high SPL of over 120db (!)
  • 3 x High speed drivers
  • 3 x ultra long stroke drivers guarantee much lower distortion than a normal subwoofer
  • 3 x High-end Claridy Class-D mono amplifiers = 2700 Watt (Peak)!
  • Room-tuning for perfect adjustment of the sound
  • Trapezoid shaped cabinet
  • Slot bass reflex port

Room-tuning and sound adjustments

To provide an optimal sound quality, suited to various room sizes and listener tastes, the SUB 3X12 is equipped with a lot of possibilities to adjust the sound adequately.
Since the SUB 3X12 has its -3dB point at very deep 16Hz, we decided to add a special Room Gain EQ that takes the room gain into account. Additional adjustments can be done by closing the slot bass port with the provided plug. So the 1X12 offers perfect bass at any time. Further refinements can be made with adjustment of the two EQ’s available and of course volume, phase, and crossover frequency.

Other possibilities
Cinema SUB 3X12 can be stacked on top of each other as a line array system.

Technical Specification

Type: 3 x 12” Bass Reflex Slot Port / Sealed Hybrid
Amplifier: Claridy Class D monoblock
Power: 3x 500 W RMS 900 W Peak - Total power: 1500W RMS / 2700W peak
Frequency response:
Anechoic EQ: 16- 160Hz Ported / 22 - 160Hz Closed
Room Gain EQ: 24 - 160Hz Ported / 28 - 160Hz Closed
EQ: 2 position - Anechoic, Room Gain
Xover: variable 40-160Hz, Bypass , Auto turn on/off
Level: Fixed Ref Level, variable gain
Input: XLR, (2)RCA
Output: XLR pass-thru
Phase: Variable 0-180
Color: Non reflective Matte black 8 layers paint on the front and Studio finish matt paint on side ,top and backside.
Sub Size: H 1130 x W 535 x D 555 mm : 44.5 x 21.1 x 21.9" Carton Size: H 1265 x W 650x D 690 mm : H 49.8" x W 25.6" x D 27,2"
Net Weight: 77.4 kg / 170.3 lbs Gross Weight: 86,4 kg / 190,5 lbs