After purchase you will have to register a username(your mail address) and password with the product code provided in the purchase mail.


The Username and Password is needed when login on to the Dirac Audio Processor

Can DAP process 24 bit audio sources?

Yes, the DAP can process 24 bit data. The same policy as for sampling rates applies to data word length, see What sample rates does DAP support? Internally, the DAP uses 32 bit floating point arithmetic to maximize fidelity throughout the filtering process.

Does DAP provide a bit-perfect (assuming that filters are all-pass) signal chain?

No. There is at least a fixed attenuation at the output from the DAP, also in the Filter Off state. See Why is the output level so low from DAP.

Why is the output level so low from DAP?

There is a fixed attenuation in the DAP. It is there to avoid clipping from the increased dynamic range invoked by the rather dynamic equalization filters. This attenuation is also present in the Filter Off state, to equalize the levels of the bypassed and the filtered audio.

How do I delete some of my filters?

The filters for the Dirac Audio Processor™ should be kept in the default directory suggested by Dirac Live Calibration Tool™:
Windows 7/Vista: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Dirac\Filters
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Dirac/Filters
You may delete the filters using your operating system's file browser.

How do I show up the DAP in the playback device list in the sound settings window?

Please try the following:

1. Choose 'Exit Controller' on the Audio Processor if it is running, and close all applications that may use the sound card.
2. To make sure no Dirac process is running, press ctrl+shift+escape to start the task manager and end the diracapsrv.exe process if it is running.
3. Start the Audio Processor.
4. If no device is selected under 'Output Device', choose one, but not an ASIO device.
5. If the Audio Processor starts with an ASIO driver chosen under 'Output Device', another device instead (then you may change back to ASIO if desired).

There's no sound coming through the DAP (Dirac Audio Processor) or it just says Disconnected

1. Close all applications. Sometimes, software can refuse to let go of the audio stream so Dirac can't redirect it to go though Dirac. So please close them all just in case.
2. Check that you have "Dirac Audio Processor" selected as default playback device in your sound settings.
3. Check that neither Dirac or the sound device that will be used by Dirac are muted
4. Check that you have selected the correct output device in the DAP

Everything should now be working. If not, please follow the steps below.

1. If it still doesn't work. Restart your computer or press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to enter the task manager. End all tasks with Dirac in the name and start the application again.
2. If it still doesn't work. Reinstall the DAP

I've forgotten my password

Visit https://portal.dirac.se/pw_recover.php to reset your password

I get the message that I have activated Dirac on all allowed number of machines

Visit https://services.dirac.se/activate_serial/oemservices/sign_in.php to manage and remove any old installation you might have to make room for new ones. You use the same username & password as for your Dirac product.

I can't see any filters in the Dirac Audio Processor Controller

1. Click where it says "click to load"

2. Click on "Sync with web account..."

3. Click on "click to load" again and select your filter. If you still can't see any filters, then (on windows) go to this folder and delete all filters. Windows: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Dirac\Filters
(%username% is where your username should be) (If you can't see the folder "AppData" then you need to change your view settings in the file explorer.

For WIN 7 File Explorer, you find this option by pressing the "ALT" key, then you go to "TOOLS" --> "FOLDER OPTIONS" --> "VIEW" -->"Hidden files and folders" Set it to "Show hidden files, folders and drivers" Press OK to exit.

For WIN 10 File Explorer, you find this option under "VIEW" --> "OPTIONS" --> "VIEW" -->"Hidden files and folders" Set it to "Show hidden files, folders and drivers" Press OK to exit.

This is the path for Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Dirac/Filters

4. Repeat point 1 to 3

What sample rates does Dirac Audio Processor (DAP) support?

The DAP supports any sample rates up to 192 kHz which have been designed into the Dirac Live® filters. The sample rates designed into the Dirac Live® filters are selected by the user from the rates supported by the sound device used in the DLCT. However, to fully support a certain sample rate, then each of the blocks in the process line below have to support that rate. Note that the operating system can be configured to a different sample rate than the media player, making the operating system re-sample the data to its configured sample rate. This re-sampling can be detrimental to the audio quality! Try setting the operating system to use the original source sampling rate. User control over sampling rate is not possible in Windows XP.

(First Step after purchase) Dirac DAP Registration
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(First Step after purchase) Dirac DAP Registration
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